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Something old is new again
Oh hey there, welcome to 35-135 Wedding Photography, stoked to have you here‚Äč. My name is Andrew and I'll be your guide for today!

So, you're getting married yes? Awesome & well done! And now you're on the hunt for a wedding photographer? Sweet! I'm a wedding photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. So far so good.

But you're looking for something a bit different with your wedding photography, something a little less ordinary. Something a little more... authentic perhaps? Well, the stars and planets may very well have aligned simply to bring us together. 

35-135 is an old format, a type of film. 35-135 has nothing to do with digital photography.  So what does it all mean?

I shoot weddings on film.

So, "Why film?" I hear you ask.

We have it so easy now with digital technology. Shoot the shit out of it! Bang, bang, bang! Upload it straight to social media land!
Don't think, just go, go, go!

I sometimes wonder if we're actually stopping to think about what we're doing. Are we actually engaging the creative part of our brain?

Shooting film makes me slow down to consider what is happening in front of me, it challenges me to look past the viewfinder. 
It restores a sense of curiosity so that a sense of excitement remains right up until you can see the photos.

That sense of excitement then turns to wonder as the subtle tones and a beautifully balanced colour palette is revealed on the print.

It really is something else.

Go ahead a take a look around my website, there's a wealth of information on the FAQ page or feel free to get in touch if you just wanna cut to the chase and have a chat about your wedding plans.

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